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All About Coffee

Coffee. It’s the world’s second most commonly traded commodity. Warm, delicious and rich, it is hardly surprising that many get obsessed, endlessly discussing the finer points of different blends and origins. Untold numbers never go a single day without at least one cup of their favorite brew.

*Click on the maps below to see the disproportionate nature of coffee production and consumption*

Coffee Production vs. Coffee Consumption

coffee production map   coffee consumption map


Scroll down for a smattering of information on coffee's history, the plant, and the harvesting.

**See our photo gallery for a visual

The history of the bean


Coffee's history is far from straight forward -- with many unexpected turns and surprise twists. Take a look at the history and chronology of coffee here.  For a more anecdotal retelling of the origins of the bean, read about the Legend of the Dancing Goat here.

Check out for even more detailed information

Coffee plant

coffee blossoms  

Coffee is made from a roasted bean, and that bean comes from inside the fruit (the "cherry")of a small tree. 

Learn more about the coffee plant here.

Steps of Coffee Processing

drying beans.jpg  

Looking down into a steaming cup of coffee, one can hardly image all the steps, time and hands that go into bringing coffee from bean to cup.

Read about the work necessary to creating a delicious cup of coffee.

Harvest Schedule

picking cherries  

As a coffee importer, careful planning is necessary to bring in coffee from the far reaches of the globe. Part of planning means knowing the harvest schedule for the different countries.



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